Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

No baby yet.

Nothing to see here, people.

Move along.

Keep walking, keep walking.

Seriously, it is our 14th anniversary today and my SIL's birthday so we are already having a busy week. I guess baby wants recognition in it's own right, not to share with anything else.

David took me to breakfast this morning, although he was on the phone for most of it. So, I just sat there and ate my grits and biscuits myself. You must never keep a pregnant lady waiting for food. :) Well, then we walked around the Christian book store without him on the phone. Well, actually he was on the phone once, but I was looking at stuff, so I didn't notice as much.

But, he is making progress on the job. Things will be working out very soon. I was having a rough day on Saturday, just needed some confirmation from God that everything was still going to be okay. So, I prayed for that confirmation and we sang a new song during worship on Sunday. What was that song? I don't even know, but most of the lines were "Wait on the Lord." Yes. Got it. I think that was confirmation for me, since that's what we've been doing. Waiting. On the Lord.

And waiting on a baby.......

And waiting on a paycheck......

And waiting on a new washer and dryer....... :)

I'm not one to splurge, but I have got my eyes set on a new Kenmore front loading washer and dryer in the color red. My washer is like 12 years old and on it's last leg, and well, you know about our dryer, if you've been reading my blog. I have been hang drying clothes in our spare bedroom for over a year. I just want me a new washer and dryer. I'm not sure if they will even fit in our small laundry closet in the hallway bathroom, but I don't care if David has to knock down a wall to shove those puppies in there, I need a new washer and dryer. Did I mention Kenmore, front loading, in red?


Anonymous said...

They sound pretty..I always wondered if it is a front loading washer and you open the door, does the water come out? Can you add clothes to it after the wash starts?

Courtney said...

Yes, actually you can add to it. I read a lot of reviews on these and if you open the door it tilts back and I believe has some sort of buzzer or something that tells you when it's past time to add clothes.

Kathleen said...

What a wonderful word from the Lord! Hope you had a wonderful anniversary and that the Kenmore will soon be a reality! :-)

Wendy said...

Happy Anniversary!! Hopefully, all this waiting will be over soon.

I want that same washer and dryer! But, I guess I can wait on those too as mine aren't on their last legs yet. Kenmore rocks!

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