Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Tristan!

Yesterday was Tristan's 4th birthday. He, at some point, had wanted a Diego and Dora party, but then kept changing it everytime we'd talk about it. I just stuck with Diego and Dora. He also really wanted a pinata and a scavenger hunt, since we had done neither of those at his birthday before.
Genny so nicely volunteered to have the party at her house, since we were dropping the kids off to head on over to my midwife appointment. It was only going to be her kids and ours anyway (since there are eleven of them altogether.)
I think they all had a splendid time.

Pin the badge on Diego.

Bashing the pinata.

Dad helping to break the titanium lined pinata.


A musical ABC game.

Blow out the candle.


Post pinata/cake sugar effect.

A scavenger hunt.

A tired mama.

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JoyceMarie said...

You have a beautiful family. Your new blog looks wonderful!

Have a great day,

I have a blog both here and HSB. Thanks for visiting me the other day.

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