Friday, February 13, 2009

Yesterday was Thomas's 2nd birthday. (Notice the "congratulations" banner. I was obviously not paying attention when I threw that in the cart.) He was his typical Thomas self, but he really had a good time. He couldn't figure out why we were all singing to him. I think he was even a little embarrassed.
We kept telling him to blow out the candle, and he wouldn't do it. Finally I picked up the cupcake and held it up to him and he very softly blew it out.

Later that evening I was sitting on my bed and talking to him about the day. He said with a really sheepish grin, "Mom. I blow out da candle like dis 'woooooo'. "

Playing "Pin the Tail on the Donkey"- a birthday favorite.

Also notice the Kool-aid mustache and the blue icing all over the shirt. What you can't notice is that the boy isn't wearing any pants. He is at the "pants optional" stage of life.

Thomas loves his new doggy from Granny and Grandad that vibrates when you pull its tail.
TTTTHHHHHHaaanks Granny and Grandad!
The kids had a fun time blowing up their b'loonies, too.


Wendy said...

Happy Birthday, Thomas! Sorry I didn't get over here yesterday - the boys kept reminding me it was his birthday. It looks like a fun day. I'm glad he's happy he blew out his candle. Love that little guy!

Kathleen said...

I think the Congrats sign is very appropriate: Congratulations: you've made it to the terrible twos! Congratulations: you'll be birthin' another sweet, special baby soon! Congrats and happy birthday to Thomas!

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