Thursday, August 6, 2009

Death by Chocolate

I bribed the children when we went grocery shopping that if they cleaned the house, we would bring them home a treat. I meant some cookies or something simple. So, as I was choosing through the frozen vegetables I sent David to go get something for them, and what does he come out with? A double chocolate satin frosted cake with chocolate piped fluted icing, adorned with chopped pecans.

I said, "Sweet mercy! Now what are you getting for the children?" And, he said, "This is for the children, it's cheaper than the cupcakes."


We left Kroger, only after answering three different people, "No, we aren't having a party, we just have eight children", hence the two carts overflowing with various food items. Note, I have been tempted on various occassions to reply, "No, I just eat alot." Which, is actually somewhat true.

We did come home to a mostly clean house, deserving, I guess, of the double chocolate, satin cake. So, after cutting them all a piece, there was one piece left. It had two, yes two, chocolate piped fluted mounds on top. I know.

So, I did what any doting mother would do to her deserving children, and shoved that baby behind the bread so no one would see it. Don't judge me.

Did I enjoy my little chocolate, satin slice of pure heaven coated with with chopped pecans?

I give you Exhibit A.


marsha said...

Mmmm, chocolate.

Kathleen said...

YOU deserve it!! I'm always hiding MY treats too. I did discover one chocolate treat I don't have to hide because no one likes it: Ghiradelli Dark Raspberry-Filled Chocolate. I can eat it any time I want to, and no one asks for a single bite! Heavenly!

Denise said...

Good for you! But, now you will have to find a new hiding place. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh man, yum. If I had sent my husband out he never would have picked a chocolate cake. I'm into chocolate. He would have picked some fruity cake.

That dessert is right up my alley.
(And sometimes I eat alot too.)
hee hee

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