Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Musings

Remember those fun little crafts from long, long ago called Shrinky Dinks? You color a design on a piece of plastic, cut out the design and place it in a warm oven. Then a magical transformation takes place and the plastic design becomes a small hard plastic design that you can wear as jewelry, or even fancier, a keychain.

Someone must've been deep cleaning in their craft closet, because I found two packs of them for fifty cents at Goodwill. I think the kids enjoyed them. It kept them busy for a full forty five minutes. They will remember them fondly, Brooke as "shrinkie dinkies", Tristan as "Shrinkie Winkies" and Thomas as "weensie dinkie pinkies".

In other news, Bailey has her first tooth! It is on the bottom right. She has been forewarned not to use any new tooth skills during nursing. She appears to have taken that warning very seriously.

She had her first solid food a week and a half ago. She did not have bananas because I definately started her off with rice cereal so not to develop any food allergies, and proceeded carefully onto vegetables and then fruits at two week intervals, because I always do things the way you are supposed to. Perhaps this should have been a Not Me Monday post. (Just for the record, I definately did not give her a small bite of ice cream either.)

She also learned how to roll over, both ways. So now she rolls and rolls and rolls and rolls.........

Thomas apparently thinks corn tastes much better when you are sitting on the table.

Thomas also asked me if I was "going to drive that lawnmower" the other day when I went out to do yardwork. This is funny because we don't have a riding lawnmower. It's a push mower. He also talks about "driving" the vacuum cleaner.
It was Timothy's birthday on August 11th. He turned nine. I was going to try to have a friend party for him, but we just couldn't work it out. Sorry, R and C. :(

Happy Birthday, Timothy!!


marsha said...

The girls said, "Happy Birthday!"

Wendy said...

We have stuff to do shrinky dinks too! Saw an article about using pics and making jewlery or different things. I'm glad the kids had so much fun with it.

Bailey is such a busy girl. It always amazes me how fast they grow at this age. She's just adorable!!

Happy Birthday, Timothy!! The boys both miss you! Hope we get to see you soon. :)

Anonymous said...

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