Monday, June 6, 2011

A Week of Service..............

Brittany and Tyler just got back from a full week in the Smoky Mountains in Greenville, Tennessee with the youth group. They went up to help a family Bible camp clean up after tornado damage. And, let me tell you they worked! They cleared trees and brush like nobody's business. They called me Wednesday night and were just exhausted. But, I'm so glad they went. The youth took over last night's church service and told all about it.

They were such a good example of well mannered, respectful and helpful young people living for Christ that they impacted people everywhere they went. They even helped reaffirm that camp's youth leaders to stay and press on.

Brittany was part of a skit last night and she also gave a brief testimony of how the trip impacted her. It almost brought tears to my eyes. I was so proud of her.

Poor Tyler wasn't feeling well last night. He said he had a headache and felt like he was going to pass out before service was over. I took him out to the lobby and Cassandra got him some advil, and I got him something to eat. I think he was still so exhausted from the trip and hadn't eaten much. But this morning he felt so much better and was back to himself.

Saturday I was at the used curriculum sale all day. I had sorted through and priced over 20 boxes of curriculum that our church had left over from the christian school they used to run. A lot sold and we gave the money to the youth group. The rest we donated to the book benevolence that donates those who need it. They're putting together some stuff for Joplin.

I'm surprised I didn't pass out myself this weekend! Twenty boxes of books are heavy! And I'm telling you I moved that stuff around for days getting it ready. But every bit was worth it!

Saturday evening we went to a birthday party. Travis's little friend turned a year old. She is so cute.

But of course.

I didn't get one picture the entire weekend.

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Wendy said...

It sounds like you all are keeping awful busy! I love that Tyler and Brittany went to Greenville. I'm glad they worked hard. I hope I can my two involved in something like that some day.

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