Saturday, August 20, 2011

Just Ramblin'

Well, it's been one of those weeks.

Since I basically just started my school planning this week, I am a little behind. Normally this is my favorite part, but for some reason this year I am dreading it.

Maybe it's because I've just been so busy lately and now I'm just flat out tired.

Maybe it's because it's been the Sahara Desert here in Tulsa. I don't know.

My sister in law just found out she is able to homeschool her kids. She (and I) are so excited! So, this week I've also been helping her figure out how to get started.

Then, of course since I am running behind in my school planning and need to use all my time wisely, I picked her and the kids up and went to the park yesterday. I didn't get one single thing planned yesterday.

Then, today I cleaned out my closet. And, took the kids to the store. I didn't get one single thing planned today.

Why not waste time doing other things when you are on a time constraint, I always say. I like to make things difficult on myself.

Speaking of difficult, last night I accidently sent my sister in law a text that was CLEARLY meant for my husband.

I will apparently never live this one down.

This morning I absolutely freaked out and thought that I hadn't paid a bill yesterday. I paid the bill, and I don't know why I thought I didn't. I guess I like to freak out for no reason.

This evening I wanted to get some scrapbook paper at the craft store. I had seen in the ad it was on sale for buy-one-get-one-for-a-penny. I went to the register and she said it was the wrong brand that was on sale. So, I go back to the rack, stand in line again with the correct brand, but it is still ringing up regular price. Hmmm.

Neither one of us can figure this out.

Why is it not ringing up for a penny?

Because the sale starts tomorrow. That's why.

I think-no, I KNOW- I need a vacation.


Marsha said...

Though we are separated by many miles these days, our days/minds are still connected. Days are full of not getting things done here too. I'm sure you will get it done, you always manage to amaze us. So happy for your SIL to start this fantastic journey. Good luck to her, but she has a great aid.

Courtney said...

Thanks Marsha! I know I can always count on my good friends for moral support and understanding!

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