Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday Musings

Travis had developed a new vocabulary word. Three out of four words from his mouth were "stupid".

Someone accidentally bumps into him....."Stupid!"

Someone doesn't give him what he wants......."Stupid!"

Any old reason at all............"Stupid!"

So, I kept reprimanding him when he'd say it......"Travis, that is naughty. We don't say stupid." 

Finally he got out of the habit, and learned not to say it. He would say, "Stu...Aw, Man!"

     A few weeks ago, Brittany and Tyler had an orthodontist appointment and I needed to take all the kids with me. I just dropped them off and took the other kids around the corner to a neighborhood lake with some nice shade trees and a sidewalk around it. There was a really small "beach" that lead up to a shallow area where the lake went under a small bridge.

     I was letting the older of the kids walk the younger ones around and look at the ducks and throw rocks in the water. Brittany and Tyler walked down and met us there when they were done and no longer had I said, "Well, it's time to get in the van and go to Sam's" when Travis stepped forward and did a total face-plant into the water.

    He didn't cry. I think he was in shock. And of course we were all shocked and laughing. Tyler dashed over immediately and pulled him out of the two inches of water. He was soaked. So, I had to run home, change him and then go on to Sam's, because why would I have packed a diaper bag with essentials for taking a small child away from home?

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