Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Canada Unit Study

Every Friday for two hours in the afternoon we do some geography. This year we've been studying Canada.

I made a 13 week outline covering one province or territory per week with an activity for that week, related to that province if possible.

Here are some resources I had been collecting knowing eventually I wanted to do a Canada unit........


We checked everything else out from the library.

We started off with a map of Canada and each week labeled the province, capital and other various surrounding aread and landforms. We also labeled a map with the time zones and Native American groups.

Other things we covered were........

-Canadian National Anthem
-timeline of major Canada events
-french words and song "Alouette"
-french numbers 1-10
-flower, flag and bird for each province and territory
-other wildlife
-various worksheets from the Canada unit book
-history of food and types of food from Canada
-fun facts about Canada
-a history of logging
-books about the government, currency, imports/exports, etc.
-several library videos on the culture and history of Canada
-Canada map scavenger hunt

Then, we finished it off with a Canada meal!  We had.....

Brie en Croute

(I used pecans instead of almonds, omitted the parsley
 and put brown sugar on top
of the nuts and cheese. It turned out great!)

Poutine and Canadian Bacon

Fish and Shrimp

Wild Rice and Succotash


Oh. Sweet. Deliciousness. Nanaimo Bars.
These are of the devil. I could not stop eating them!

1 comment:

Dawn@OneFaithfulMom said...

SUCCOTASH!!!!! We had this all the time when I was growing up!!
Of course, I am not from Canada...born and raised in the Lowcountry in fact, but I loved this stuff.

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