Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Missions Trip to New Mexico

Last week Brittany, Tyler and 23 other teens and adults from our church went to Jicarillo Apache Indian Reservation  in New Mexico to do some house building.

They really enjoyed seeing how different the landscape is compared
to the Southeast and even Oklahoma.

I bet there are some coyotes somewhere howling
to this moon.

Oh! Don't step on the cactus!

Brittany and McKensie
They put on a carnival with games and face painting
in the evenings for the kids from the

Tyler, Jack and my nephew, Devin

This is the base where they were laying concrete
to build a Hogan. They said sometimes up to four
families lived in a one room house this size.

Here is a hogan that they were helping to remodel.
It's roof had been damaged.

This is the church that hosted them. They slept in the sanctuary.

Brittany is part of the youth drama team and they performed several
skits for some evening services they did for the
people of the reservation.

Thursday was their last day. They went to Albequrque for the day and stayed
in a motel that evening before the 13 hour drive back on Friday.

This is the Gondola they took up the mountain, looking at Albequrque down below.

The whole group!

Overall they had a terrific time. They did lots of hard work, moving, mixing, and sifting tons of concrete, putting on a carnival, skits and church services and just showing the love of Jesus to those at the reservation.I'm so proud of them!


Marsha said...

Looks like they had fun, even though they were working hard. :)

Courtney said...

The did. They both said they could've stayed another week!

BL said...

Made me home sick. I grew up in NM About 2 Hours West of Albuquerque in a town called Gallup. I am glad they got to go and minister there. I am glad they had a good time.

Courtney said...

I know Leslie! When I found out they were going I thought immediately of You!

Wendy said...

I love how much these mission trips do for the locals and for the kids that go! I'm glad they had fun :)

Dawn said...

I bet those were some tired kiddos!!

Anonymous said...

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