Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Musings: Travis Edition

What has Travis been doing this summer?

1. Not going to sleep until midnight. The child doesn't sleep. Even when I was pregnant with him, I told the doctors, "Oh, there's no need to do fetal kick counts, he NEVER STOPS MOVING."

2. Sneaking out of the bathtub and getting a bagel and getting back in the bathtub. With the bagel. Don't worry. I was watching him the whole time.

3. Always taking off his clothes and trying to run nudey around the house. David "camped out" in the living room the other night with the rest of the kids, so Travis slept with me in my bed. I put in Wiggles for him so he could watch it while I dozed off. The next morning I went to wake him up and I saw a diaper laying on the floor. Suspicious. So I pulled back his blanket and that little stinker had taken off his clothes and diaper and was sleeping without a stitch on. At least he didn't wet the bed.

4. Stealing Dad's soda.

At least he put the cap back on.

5. Expanding his vocabulary from the ordinary "stupid" to also include "dummy" and "shut up".  These are his words of choice especially when he's mad. We are slowly working on cleaning up his little act, because we certainly don't allow the other kids to say those things, although someone must have at some point and he just latched right onto them.

Hiding his face in shame. Or peek a boo.

He can be a real sweetheart. Sometimes he just comes right up to me
and says, "I wuv ooo!"


Marsha said...

That one's a hand full! LOL

Courtney said...

Oh, YES. HE. IS.

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