Wednesday, August 1, 2012

36 Week Pregnancy Update

Well, I had my 36 week doctor's appointment today (I'll actually be 36 weeks Thursday). I weighed two pounds less than I did two weeks ago. Maybe this no-sugar thing is at least good for something.

(I am so craving a doughnut. Or a brownie with a side of doughnuts.)

Also, if you are a man reading this you may want to stop now because TMI in the pregnancy department.

I think the new doctor and I are on the same page for the most part. My ideal scenario this time is to go into labor on my own-I'm pretty sure I'll go past my due date since that has happened the last nine times. I really don't want pitocin and I really don't want an epidural.

I was induced with numbers 6, 8 and 9.

The doctor said he was okay with letting me wait past my due date as long as there aren't any problems with the baby or the placenta. He said my number one priority should be having a safe mother/baby, 2nd priority should be to have this vbac and then, third should be no induction.

WELL, for me, healthy and vbac aren't even on the list because those are a total given. OF COURSE I want healthy and vbac. Now I wouldn't refuse a c-section, but I think that the only way I would need one is in the event there is an emergency with either me or the baby. I am positive I can have a vbac since I've done it EIGHT times already. I know my body can handle having a vbac with a small baby/large baby/induction/non-induction/whatever-may-happen scenario.

He also seemed very shocked that I didn't want him to check my cervix. I tried to tell him that whatever my cervix is doing has no relevance to when I will actually have this baby. It may for other women, but not for me. So, what's the point? He said that the condition of my cervix would determine if the chances of my having a vbac would be favorable if I needed to be induced. Induction with an "unfavorable" cervix might result in a repeat c-section.

Okay, I agree with that, but for ME, regardless of what my cervix is doing, conditions WILL be favorable for a vbac. Either I will go into labor and have the baby, or I will be induced and the pitocin will make my cervix favorable, both certain to result in a vbac.  I have had a vbac with induction and without induction. I have been told weeks ahead of time that my cervix is dilated, etc. etc. only to go 11 days late. It's hard to get your hopes up like things are happening and then.........NOTHING. So, I hope that I don't have a clashing of opinion on this with him. I hate to refuse a doctor's recommendation, but I also know the way my body works, and I don't want a cervix check. But, this isn't just a doctor's thing. It's also a physician's assistant, nurse practitioner and midwife thing.

But, this doctor has only met me twice and he doesn't have any of my records yet, even though they requested them a month ago. So, I just want to make sure he doesn't "generalize" me. And, that I can make it clear to him without conflict that I know what my body does and what I expect it to do. But, also, that things can go wrong, and I want his help because of that. Otherwise, I could have an unassisted home birth.

Anyway, now that I have rambled on about things that might be TMI for anyone, I will end on this note.....

There is no picture because it is 112 degrees this week in Tulsa, and I'm too busy sitting in front of the fan to pose for a picture.


Marsha said...

I would think with the 10th little indian, he would get YOU know your body. :) Can't wait to see the newest Sanchez!! And I hope all goes smoothly for all of you.

Courtney said...

THanks! I hope it all goes smoothly, too!!

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