Friday, August 10, 2012

Frugal Friday

Frugal Spotlight

My Favorite Frugal Blogs
I have lived frugally since I first got married. My husband was just starting out as a low rank in the Marine Corps and we've always been a one income family. So, you have to learn really fast how to make that money stretch.

Now, add in a child every two years or less for the last seventeen years, and you REALLY have to know how to make that money stretch!

Being frugal is just second nature to me now.

There are several websites that make it easier for me to save money. These websites are updated several times a day and have posts with coupons to print, store deals, online shopping deals, freebies and giveaways just to name a few.

Money Saving Queen is located here in Tulsa. Remember when I WON tickets to Trans-Siberian Orchestra last Christmas? I won them from a contest on Money Saving Queen. Even if you aren't local, she shares some great tips and hints to living frugally and saving money that can be implemented anywhere.

Hip 2 Save is a mom to three young kids and a military spouse. She posts quite frequently, so I check her site a few times a day (when I have time) because once her readership gets wind of a deal, it goes fast!

Just last week I saw a post on some Sketchers boys shoes that Kohl's had on clearance. She had a promo code for a discount and there was free shipping. Tristan needed some new tennis shoes, so I snatched those up for a little less than $18 dollars shipped to my door! Those are better quality and cheaper (regular 49.99) than if I had gone to Target or Wal-Mart- and I didn't even have to leave home! (And, in this 112 degree summer is a bonus!)

Money Saving Mom is another site I like to check daily. She doesn't post as many deals as Hip 2 Save, but she does more frugal meals, gluten and dairy free coupons, educational freebies and great articles and tips on saving money. Money saving mom also does a link up so that blogs can post their own giveaways.

Some things I have won through giveaways this past year:

6 Kashi Bars

36 Bags of Pretzel Crisps

a set of Pyrex glass storage bowls with lids

a Chocolate Martini set (This is funny, because I don't drink, but the glasses make for fun dessert holders, and the chocolate makes great chocolate milk!)
4 Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets

3 loaves of delicious healthy bread from Manna Organics

Raining Hot Coupons is another site I check several times a day. She posts often with similar coupons and deals as Hip 2 Save. She also just gave birth to an adorable new baby girl!

Saving the Family Money is also a great money saving blog. She post lots of frugal and money saving deals, and even many things local to Jacksonville, Florida.

Now that you know my favorite coupons blogs, go check them out!! Stay tuned for more Frugal Friday!

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