Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Musings

Me: Oh no, Travis! You broke the lamp!

Travis: You can buy a new one.

Me: I don't have money to buy a new one. Do you have money?

Travis: I have money to buy a new lightening ball!  (light bulb)

Also, could I ask for prayer for my dear homeschooling friends in South Carolina? They are facing a potential bill that would just be a huge step backward for the homeschooling community. I'm just sick over it. We left South Carolina three years ago after 12 years of making that state our home. It justs pains me that a bill like this is even being considered in a state that has come so far in support of homeschooling and parent's rights. It just makes you realize that we are a hair's breath from the enemy at all times, so we have to remain on guard. I will be fervently praying about this!

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