Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Slave by John MacArthur Week Three- Chapter Three

Well, here we are at week three of John MacArthur's Slave! Thanks for joining me again!

If you'd still like to do the study here are the links for the book and study guide.

Week One

Week Two


What does it mean to go from being a slave to sin to being a slave to Jesus Christ?

    Being a slave to sin is all those images from chapter one- bound, not free, chained, miserable, oppressed (sin and all its consequences). But, being a slave to Jesus is the exact opposite- completely free from sin's chains, misery and oppression. Life is different because you are free from sin in Christ. No longer miserable and oppressed, but able to grow (and produce fruits of the Spirit).


Difference between being a slave and being an employee of Christ.

     An employee would only have an obligation to do the job set before him by the employer and would be free to come and go or quit the job if he chose to do so. He would also be responsible for taking care of himself, and could do whatever he wanted to do. A slave for Christ would not have the choice to come, go, quit, or do whatever. A slave to Christ would be obligated to Him with his entire life.

What are some things that cause you to worry?

     I know this is a personal question, but this is something I've struggled with often. And I would say that probably the main thing that causes my worry is financial. Will there be enough money? Can I pay everything I need to pay? Will something break? Will we run out of something I can't replace? But....God has finally granted me peace with this- and recently. And, the peace only comes from years of crying out to Him. I'm thankful I'm finally at a place of peace. I think God needed to get me to this very place before He could move me forward. It's still a work in progress. Sometimes those chains of sin want to bind you up again and you constantly have to lay them at the feet of Jesus.


Romans 14:12 and 2 Corinthians 5:10

      I don't want to stand before God and have Him say, "Courtney, WHY did you waste so much time? Why didn't you do better for Me?" That thought just makes my heart sink. I SO want Him to say, "Courtney, Well done! I'm so proud of you!"I know God has forgiven me for any time I do waste, but I do want to make Him proud. That motivates me to persevere.

In serving our earthly masters, we also serve the Lord.What should be a believer's attitude at work?

     We as believers represent Christ to those that don't know Him. Believers, whatever their job, should alsways work with integrity and honesty even when the boss isn't looking, because God is always looking.

What are things you can do to better reflect Christ to those under your supervision?

     Speaking as a mother, my children are under my supervision. I often pray that my children would just see Christ when they look at me. That when they look at me they wouldn't see tired, broken, grouchy, etc, but that they would see the very person of Christ through me.


Are you living more for earthly rewards or eternal rewards? Why?

     I have learned that I will have to be okay without having some of my earthly wants. I really want my own house again, some land, some animals, and to travel. And, God may bless me with these things. BUT. He may not. This life is only a vapor in comparison to eternity. So, when I start getting a little disappointed, I have to really remind myself, "Do I want what I want know, or do I want what He wants for me for all of eternity?"

What happens to your spiritual fervor when you focus on being accepted by people?

     Living to please others is easy in a sense, because when otheres are pleased we feel accepted and that feels good to us. But, mostly people are pleased when we have material possesssions or a successful job, things that our flesh deems acceptable. The problem is that others' views of success are not God's view of success (even talking about Christians here!). Then, we are striving to please others and not God. He is the one handing out eternal rewards, not people.

Many believers resist the idea of accountability. How would you evaluate these kinds of attitudes and behaviors in light of the slave mentality presented in the New Testament?

   I would wonder if they were really saved. Have they really accepted Jesus as their Savior, or are they just attending as a social status or a neworking plan? And, still, even believers resist the idea of accountibility. Like what David said about chapter two, making Jesus your Savior is easy. It makes us feel good and gives us warm fuzzies. Making Him Lord is hard. That takes you to a different level. Then, it's not all about you. It's not even about you a little bit. Then it becomes ALL about Him.

What are your thoughts?



Kathleen said...

First, I have to say that the line that jumped out at me in this chapter was, "The early saints DELIGHTED to count themselves Christ's ABSOLUTE property, boughty by Him, owned by Him and WHOLLY at His disposal." (Caps mine.) Have I EVER been WHOLLY at His disposal? Don't I always have an excuse for not being WHOLLY at His disposal?

And in difference between employee and slave: As an employee, you must be qualified for the job. As a slave to Christ, there is no qualification; you just have to be willing to accept the position as slave. And you do not need to be qualified in any way for whatever task He asks you to complete because He will qualify/equip you.

On worry: probably my biggest sin is worry. I like the description about how a slave can rest in the fact that she is COMPLETELY cared for! I like how the book states that the downside of being a "free" person as opposed to a slave was that it was up to you to provide, whereas a Master provided for his slaves. Intellectually, I understand all of this, but the sin nature in my heart doesn't always let me claim this promise as my own. I worry all the time: money, death (of my kids, my husband, me so I can't care for them). Those are my two biggest worries. It's really hard to give up control by handing the burdens of worry over to Him, isn't it?

Courtney said...

It is so hard to hand burdens over to him and sometimes you just have to keep handing it over and over and over.

Anonymous said...
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