Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Slave by John MacArthur

How about joining me here on Tuesdays for a Bible
 study of John MacArthur's book Slave?

David came across this book last year, and being big fans of his, we were excited to read it. I read it last year, but we just decided to do a Bible study on it together using the study guide. So, how about following along with me as we work together studying Slave?

You can find the book here.....

and the study guide here.

 And, the study guide is even on sale right now.

See, no excuses, people!

I thought I would post my notes on Tuesdays until we work through the whole thing. I'll just stick with my notes, not David's, well unless he wants me to (ha!)- and then we can get some discussion going in the comments.

Okay, who's in?


Kathleen said...

I want to say I will join you. I can get the book on my Kindle but not sure I'd have the study guide by Tuesday (I would want to get that in a hard copy), although usually CBD gets me things in 1 day. Not sure with the weather. But do you mean every Tuesday, so once per week?

Courtney said...

Awesome! Yes, I was thinking once per week every Tuesday, so this coming Tuesday we'll do chapter one, then next Tuesday chapter two and so on. I'll try to just type up a few of the discussion questions and then then my responses. I'm glad you're joining me!

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