Friday, March 8, 2013

Frugal Friday!

Freebie Friday!
Here are a few more freebies in my mailbox. I got these a couple months ago, but just haven't posted them.


A man from our community gets extra month old magazines from our local book store and brings them to the library for anyone to take. Here are a few that I picked up a couple weeks ago. I just love this idea. He's been doing this for about two years now, and I've been able to get some great magazines. Sometimes I'll keep them, but sometimes I'll just read through and then take them back for someone else to pick up.

Whenever I request freebies, I only like to request those that I know I will use, or someone else can use, because as we all know, we don't need more clutter sitting around! And, I've actully converted to a few products, because of being able to request a freebie and try them out.  (Plus, it's fun to get something in the mail besides bills, right?)

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