Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Study of Australia, Mate!

We just finished up a study of Australia for geography. I like to do a geography study on Friday afternoons, although sometimes we do a week study, and so far we've done Africa, Canada, Alaska, Oklahoma, Mexico and Israel. We also did Cuba a long time ago when David was deployed there. (We are going to finish out the year with Hawaii.)And, as always I like to have a theme meal at the end. But, I forgot to take pictues until we had nearly scarfed everything down. I managed to get some of the leftovers.

We had sauted shrimp which was supposed to be shrimp on the barbie, but it was so windy that the barbie would never have stayed lit. We also had zucchini slice, and Pavlova.

ANZAC biscuits- which actually are cookies.

Sausage rolls

All the food turned out really tasty. We finished out the meal by watching an episode of Five Mile Creek, a sort of Australian Little House on the Prairie. A friend told us about this series maybe eight or nine years ago, and we've loved it ever since.
Also, as a good idea for an "older kid" project, Tyler put together a Power Point presentation on the history of bushrangers and Ned Kelly.
Here are some other links that I used for our study.

Australian National Anthem

Several coloring pages and a map of Australia

Another map

A map dot to dot

A nice selection of coloring pages and maps

More Printables

Facts on Australia

Some good Australian art projects

Australia State Maps

Some Australia Recipes here and here.

Some Aussie words and phrases

Information on Bushrangers

How to make a Didgeridoo and a demonstration!

A free Marsupials lapbook from Homeschool Share

A Scholastic study guide for "Wombat Stew"  or a lapbook from Homeschool Share

Australian poems

Waltzing Matilda

Listen to a Kookaburra

A Coral Reef printable

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