Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Birthday, An Anniversary and a Baby Update!

Sunday, a week ago, was Tristan' s 9th Birthday!

Since life is all about Yugioh right now, he wanted money to buy new cards to make new decks. Then, David took the younger kids to see Thor 2 at the dollar theater. We were going to go bowling since one year we surprised him on his birthday by taking everyone bowling. We don't go often because it's so expensive and we tried last year on his birthday to go, but it was league day so they didn't have any open lanes. Well, this year it wasn't league day, but they had a city wide tournament going on. So, no open lanes again. But, the movie was a good plan B and he was happy.

Tuesday was David's and my 19th anniversary. We were getting ready to go out for a late lunch when he got a phone call from the VA telling him he needed to go have xrays done. They should have had him go in two weeks ago, but they never called. Instead, they called Tuesday morning and insisted he go in that day. He told them that we already had plans and that they should have called him two weeks ago. I said that he should just go on in and get it done, it wouldn't take long, and we could get on with our lives. So, we did. It wasn't for any emergency, just on some documentation he needs in his records about his knees.

Afterwards we had steak at Outback. We hadn't been there in a long time, but David wanted steak (and honestly so did I) and Texas Roadhouse didn't open until four. It was good, but not great. We had a good time together though. Afterwards we went to see Captain Phillips at the dollar theater, and like I said in my Finances post, I had to close my eyes for most of it. I think it was a good movie? Well, from what I listened to of the movie, it was good.

David says he has something big planned for next year, our 20th. I'm excited to find out! I hope we can go on a short trip or something. We haven't been anywhere overnight together in fifteen years.

I also had another ultrasound, and a doctor's appointment. The due date lined up with the last ultrasound, so the doctor changed my due date to June 13. The ultrasound said June 14, so I 'm not sure what that one day's difference is all about. Whatever. David's dad's birthday was June 17, and mine is June 23, so we'll see what happens. This is the first June baby!

The baby looked great on the ultrasound, and my blood pressure and everything is good so far. I'm so, so thankful! I'm really caught on what I think the gender is this time. I'm kind of leaning toward boy, but then again, maybe girl. We've moved on to a "girl/boy/girl" pattern, so it would be time for a boy. Well, we'll find out in June.

I had meant to post all this last week, but the kids got a stomach virus, and then gave it to me. We also had our 568th snow of the season and I'm now trying to catch up on 586 loads of laundry in the garage. It's so COLD out there, I don't want to go out and switch it out, but it's supposed to be in the 60's by Friday. YAY!


Marsha said...

I cannot believe this will be your first June baby! Go June!! I'm glad Tristan's birthday went well, maybe next year he can bowl. :)

Happy anniversary too!

Courtney said...

Thanks, Marsha! Not likely to be on your birthday, since I'm never early. (Is it the 6th?) But, who knows, maybe this baby will do something crazy to make a name for itself......

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