Friday, March 28, 2014

Finances on Friday!

It's time for Finances on Friday again! And, I didn't manage to get up one single other post this week. All of us ended up with colds and lots of coughing, Brittany got pink eye from one of her students at daycare and David got bronchitis. So, that and math worksheets pretty much took up the entire week.

I did manage to get to the doctor Tuesday for my glucose test. They didn't call me so that means I passed. My blood pressure was great, the baby looks great, and everything's great!

I'm 29 weeks today!

So.....on to the finances:

  • Our utility bills have gone down for this month. We haven't used as much propane since it has warmed up some during the day. Our electric is still fairly low because we haven't run the air conditioner. And, our water bill was cut in half after David did a little work on the two toilets that were leaking water. Yay!
  • I canceled the cell phone insurance on Brittany's phone. She was supposed to be paying me for it, but didn't and I ended up forgetting. We also get a 25% "employment discount", which I'm not exactly sure why, but I'm not arguing, so our cell phone bill now is pretty decent.
  • Made $30 from selling books on Currclick during their sale the week before last. By the way, if you homeschool, check them out. The link is on the right sidebar!
  • Some of the kids needed shoes and one of the local stores had their shoes BOGO for $1.
  • Found a purse! It was also on sale for 30% off making it only $20!

My family's reaction?    "It's yellow."

Well, I had made up my mind that I wanted a yellow purse because 1) I need a little color in my life and 2) Yellow is in this season. And, of course, I always make my fashion decisions based on what is in for the season.


Well. Anyway.

I like it.

  • Used up all the leftovers this week so none went to waste.
  • David went to the free medical clinic this week for city employees so that saved us a co-pay.
  • About six months ago we got a credit card in order to raise our credit score. We made a few purchases (it is still on 0% interest) carried the balance for a little while and have almost paid off the purchases. It worked! As much as I really hate credit and that everything revolves around that ridiculous score, doing this did raise the score and we've paid no interest. We are looking to purchase a home and are trying to rebuild our credit since the bankruptcy.
  • Went through all my homeschool stuff and am donating around five bags of stuff to our homeschool book benevolence.

Don't forget to link up over at Renaissance for Finances on Friday and tell us what frugal things you did this week!


Terri said...

Love that purse! Yellow is my favorite color. Great ways to save money this week, though I had to laugh about not turning the air conditioning on. Here in North-Central New York it's been 20 degrees and snowing still. Can't wait until I can say, "I didn't turn the air conditioner on." lol

Karen said...

That purse is GREAT! So pretty, must be an awesome mom thing :)

Courtney said...

Terri, Brrrr-snow! It has been an exceptionally cold winter here and I am READY for it to be over. lol

Karen, Right on about the awesome mom thing! :)

Marsha said...

I had just read the post from the 22nd and hoped you would go for on the purse. So glad to see you did.

I hope everyone is feeling better there and glad to hear you and the baby are doing well.

Courtney said...

Thanks, Marsha, we are much better!

Karen Sue said...

Great purse! I got luggage for my graduation in 1980 and it was YELLOW! I've used it for props at church, but the zippers are now broken. I could ALWAYS find my luggage in a crowd! And it has been so cold here this winter. New furnace and the meter was stopped one month, so we didn't know quite how bad it was until we got the next one OOUCH!!

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