Friday, April 18, 2008

Brooke's Birth Story Part 2

David got home on Friday evening, April 11. I was due with Brooke the next Tuesday- April 15th Tax Day. Some very dear friends of ours had scheduled a welcome baby/welcome home David party for us that afternoon. We had a very nice time seeing everyone and visiting. That evening, some other dear friends were planning on spending the night at our house watching our kids, while David and I stayed at a Bed and Breakfast. That morning David noticed a bug bite or something on his thigh, and mentioned later that afternoon that it was sore. We dismissed it until that evening at the B&B, it was quite sore. By about midnight his entire thigh was bright red, and by about 3 am he was soaking in the tub in hot water and eating Tylenol like it was candy. This was not quite turning out as we had planned.
The next morning we called our friends to let them now we were taking David to the urgent care on the local army base. He had to be seen there since he was active duty. So after about 5 or 7 hours of waiting they finally called him back to be seen. By this time David was in unbearable pain. When the doctor came in, he took one look at him and said, "Yeah, I think you'll be admitted." So, here I am, my husband has been home for two days after being gone for six months, my kids are at home with our friends, I am due to have a baby in two days and my husband is being admitted to the hospital with some strange skin/leg issue. I remember leaving him there to go back home, it's now around 6 that evening and I hadn't eaten all day. I sent the friends home and just sat on the couch in a daze.
I took the kids to see him for a little while the next day, Monday, but there's only so long that little kids can sit in a hospital room. Tuesday morning, I had an OB appointment and the doctor wanted to do a non stress test. I was admitted over at another hospital to do the test. So, for a brief while that day, we were both laying in hospital beds in different hospitals. The test was fine and I went back up to see him afterwards. Wednesday morning came and still no baby and no contractions. They finally allowed him to come home that evening around dinner time. He was on some pretty serious pain medication, but was doing much better. He had gotten an infection in his leg-some antibiotic resistant staph that he had apparently picked up while deployed.
So, we brought David home that evening and around 3 am that morning David gets up and takes more pain medication. I woke up and told him, "I'm having contractions. I think we need to call someone to come over and sit with the kids. NOW!"
To be continued.......

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