Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Homeschool Field Day

I missed monday musings yesterday because I was stressing over planning a homeschool field day that two fellow TKD and homeschool moms and I had planned. You know, it's sometimes hard to get people interested in something, and then even if they seem interested it is hard to get people to commit and even harder to get them to follow through. So, we amazingly had 41 kids signed up. (We thought we'd have to beg people to come!) And out of the 41, only 5 didn't show up. We were very pleased, yet surprised.

Things went very well, and all the moms thanked us for putting it together. We had the event at our Tae Kwon Do studio. We had dodge ball, an egg relay, our instructor taught a small TKD class with warms ups, front kicks and board breaks. We also had an obstacle course, refreshments and certificates for each child. All this accomplished in an hour and a half. It's always nice to breathe a sign of relief when it's over.

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