Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Musings

I've gotten Bailey to smile two really teeny tiny smiles, once last Tuesday and once on Friday. She is being very stingy with them.

Today Tristan said, "Joey is my new BFF." BFF? He's only 4.

Brooke asked me the other day if God used super glue to stick us together. Today she asked me if we were having "chicken on the cob" for dinner. I never know what that girl is thinking.

Brittany treated herself and me to much overdue, much needed haircuts last week. I gave the little girls haircuts, too. I am always nervous that I'm going to butcher their hair, but I think they turned out nice.


Kathleen said...

Chicken on the cob?! Too funny!

The girls look adorable!

John and Marsha said...

Their hair is adorable! Good job.

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