Monday, April 6, 2009

Who's ONE month old today?

I can't believe Bailey is one month old already. She has practically slept through the whole month. She has been a low maintenance baby. Very nice after high maintenance Thomas. (Although I wouldn't trade Thomas!)

Brittany did a little photo shoot with her.

She's still all cheeks and hair- probably gets that from her mommy.

This was a cute one, if the paint extender handle wasn't in between us! lol

It has been a long month in other ways. There are just too many delays with the job, so David is forced to find something else. We are incredibly disappointed and frustrated because we felt so certain this would work out. And he spent so much time pursuing it. But, for the opportunity it could have been for us, it would've been crazy not to pursue it. Now we aren't sure what's next. There aren't many jobs here, should we go somewhere else? We have a lot of tough decisions to make here very soon.

I finally got a washer and dryer yesterday. Yah! They aren't front loading, or Kenmore, or red, or new, but they work. Maybe I'll get the dream set someday. I always say that if you get everything you want then you'll have nothing to wish for. It's been quite amazing to not have wet hanging clothes everywhere for a change!


Kathleen said...

She is beautiful, Courtney! Will keep praying about a job!

John and Marsha said...

I am SO glad about the washer and dryer. I've been thinking of you, and how crazy the last year must have been without it, a lot lately (while hand washing all of my dishes...I know there aren't that many, but you've never seen the kitchen after John cooks! I still love him though.) I'm happy for you. Now, we just need to get you out for a brownie! And please give Bailey a BIG "you're one month old" squeeze for me.

Anonymous said...

awe shes adorable!! I love her cheeks!!

Wendy said...

Happy first month, Miss Bailey!! She is such a cutie.

I hope David gets good news soon and you don't have to move anywhere! Todd's getting a couple nibbles but no bites yet. :(

Congrats on the new washer and dryer! I'm so glad you have ones that work.

Hope to see you soon!

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