Monday, February 14, 2011

Busy, Busy Weekend Part 1

Did I mention busy?

Saturday was Thomas's 4th birthday, but we celebrated on Friday afternoon since David works all day on Saturdays. We did our favorite Pin the Tail on the donkey, hot potato, and a scavenger hunt for clues to the presents. He had fun.

Saturday we did some sleepover kid swaps with the cousins. My sister in law's four kids are affectionately refered to as "the cousins" and vice versa with our kids. Auntie Cassandra took Bailey for the night and I think she got the short end of the stick. That girl was up til past midnight screaming her head off. Poor, poor Auntie. Bailey, I don't think you're going to get invited back. Ha!

Sunday was an exciting day. Two of our kids got baptized!! They wanted to get baptized for three reasons.

1. To show they have given their lives to Jesus Christ, their Lord and Savior.

2. To show obedience to God's command to believe and be baptized.

3. To demonstrate the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus as they are lowered into the water and raised up.

Here are Tiimothy and Bethany. We are so proud of them.

David's uncle Jess came up from Muskogee to see the baptism. Afterwards we went to Braum's for lunch with the cousins. They all had fun.

Including Travis who got to eat his first french fry.


Kathleen said...

Wow! You have been busy! First, happy birthday, Thomas! And, second, congrats on the baptisms! So awesome!

Marsha said...

You are busy, but really not much more than usual. :)

Good to see everyone is doing well.

Give Thomas a birthday squeeze from me

Wendy said...

Wow! Thomas' face has changed. He's starting to look like a young man! And, I don't remember Travis' look at all. Are you sure he's related? ;-)

I'm so happy for Timothy & Bethany. I'm glad things are going well for well, everybody except that little Bailey. I hope she's done screaming by now. ;-)

I keep hoping one of us can get on a vacation and head in the right direction to see you guys some day! My boys still miss your boys!

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