Monday, February 21, 2011

My Saturday

Sleep in til 8:30. (Well, it is Saturday.)

8:35: Make husband’s lunch. Kiss husband goodbye and tell him I am planning to spend the entire day working on a book and finishing the laundry.

8:40: Eat some cereal. Change Bailey’s diaper. Change Travis’s diaper. Nurse Travis while I watch the last 20 minutes of a movie I missed when I fell asleep the night before.

9:05 Change a load of laundry. Remind teenage daughter to be ready by 2 o’clock to leave with friend.

9:15: Attempt to get dressed, but then wonder if I could find some capris since it will be so warm today. While looking for capris, I decide to see exactly what clothes I would be able to fit into since losing the baby weight.

10:45: Finish putting all clothing back into buckets, drawers and hangers after trying everything on, reorganizing it, stopping to change Travis again, nursing Travis, entertaining Travis with an empty water bottle, getting Bailey some juice, and making sure Bailey is not trying to start her own bath in my bathtub.

10:57: Vacuum closet and bedroom floors.

11:05: Check to see if kids have done their chores, get aggravated because kids have not done any chores. Tell the kids they better be doing their chores.

11:30: Tell the kids they are going outside.

12:15: Everyone is dressed, shoes have been found, two children have been told to go back and get on socks, and everyone makes their way outside.

12:20: Everyone is starving. Make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to send outside for a “picnic” lunch.

12:25: Nurse Travis and put him down for a nap.

12:45: Come back into the living room to turn on laptop and realize that I need to move some furniture around to make it more efficient.

1:15: Finish moving furniture, wiping down table and chairs, sweeping, wiping down the wall, and mopping the floor. Visit for a few minutes with friend who is picking up teenage daughter.

1:30: Have the following conversation:

Child: “I am hot. Can I come in?”

Me: “No, the air conditioner isn’t on, the windows are open. Stay outside.”

Different child: “I want to come in and play the X Box.”

Me: “You are not turning on the X Box, the Playstation, the Nintento, the DVD player, the VCR or the Flux Capacitor. Now go outside.”

Four Year Old Child: “Well, then, what can we do?”

Me: “It has snowed 137 feet over the last month. It finally has all melted and IT IS 74 DEGREES OUTSIDE TODAY. Go outside and use a little something that we, back in the olden days, liked
to call an “imagination”.

Child: (blank stare)

1:33: Remember to change another load of laundry.

1:37: Come back to the couch and turn on the laptop.

1:41: Realize I need a pencil and paper, so I go to the desk and see that someone has rearranged my paperwork, and put some things on the desk that aren’t where they belong. Organize paperwork, proceed to put away things that were misplaced, and carry an item into the garage. Knock over bucket of cleaners that someone has left in front of the garage door. Rearrange cleaners into appropriate locations.

2:00: Sit back down on the couch and realize I still need the paper and pencil. Retrieve paper
and pencil.

2:15: Wash handful of dirt out of Bailey’s mouth. Change her diaper and lay down with her for her nap.

2:27: Return to laptop.

2:40: Attempt to reattach the legs of a plastic alien being that has been “accidentally”

2:42: Decide alien being should visit the garbage can.

3:25: Get Travis out of his crib and put him on a blanket in the floor with some toys.

3:31: Break up a fight over a magnet. Give up and let some children come inside to play with playdough.

3:41 Remember to change another load of laundry. Wonder who the children are in the front yard who are completely covered in mud from the 137 feet of snow that has melted.

3:45 Bailey wakes up from her nap that she CLEARLY was not ready to wake up from. Get Bailey and Travis a snack.

4:00: Clean up 75% of the snack off of the floor.

4:10: Change Bailey’s diaper and listen to Travis scream bloody murder for not getting to him first.

4:15 Change Travis. Nurse Travis.

4:30 Look at the one paragraph I’ve written so far on the laptop. Put Travis on blanket to play. Listen to 4th request to turn on X Box. Give in and turn on X Box.

5:00 Start dinner because everyone is “so starving”.

5:15-7:00 Finish dinner, feed children, give baths.

7:00-8:20 Sort and fold 7 loads of laundry, get everyone’s shoes, socks, clothes, Bibles ready for church tomorrow.

8:35: Husband arrives home, feed him dinner, talk about the day

8:40 Tell children to start getting ready for bed.

9:53 Children actually go to bed.

10:00 Save the one paragraph and turn off the laptop, go to bed and wait for Travis to wake up to nurse.


Marsha said...

Isn't that typical! You set out to achieve one simple little thing, then life gets in the way. :) Happens to me daily, minus the diapers and "feedings".

Kathleen said...

Oh my goodness. I hope you are aware that this is sooo funny! And believe me, I am not laughing AT you. Definitely WITH you because I know. I know how days like this are, although you have twice as many children so I can really only imagine half of it! Love this post, though! (Hope you can get a few more paragraphs down next time!)

Wendy said...

Was just showing the pictures to the 11yo. He really misses his buddies!

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