Friday, February 4, 2011

Whataburger! Whatanexperience!

We finally made it to Whataburger! for lunch. It was definitely an experience I would like to repeat. I love me a good burger and fries. I had heard of this place before and knew it was kind of an icon. I’m not sure how the name came to be. Perhaps a more Colonel Sanders minded person, shocked at the idea of a restaurant with beef, exclaimed, “What? A burger?”. Or perhaps, a beef connoisseur , amazed at the mound of pickle, onion, lettuce, and ketchup on a perfectly seasoned patty exclaimed, “What a burger!”. Whatever the origin, we thoroughly enjoyed it.

My Whataburger, whatafries and whatasprite.

My husband had whatasourexpression so I didn’t take his picture. It was similar to this one. Love you honey!

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