Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Birthday and "Handy Man"ny

It's been such a busy week that I'm just now getting on the internet.

Last Wednesday Tristan turned 6.

Remember this guy?

We got married 16 years ago last Friday. Last year on our 15th anniversary we were driving to Oklahoma. I can't believe it's already been a year. Or 16 for that matter! We actually got married on my sister in law's birthday. My husband and I had only known each other for a few months when we got married and I had only met his family once. When I was planning the wedding nobody bothered to tell me that it was her birthday, until the day before the wedding David says, "Oh. Tomorrow is my sister's birthday." Well, she was turning 17 and not happy with it at all. But, now we laugh about it. We do laugh about it, right Cassandra? (I think she is secretly glad, because now no one can forget her birthday.)

And if he isn't already busy enough, this weekend David was busy building bunk beds for the kids.

This set will be for Tyler and Timothy. Next weekend he'll start the set for the little boys and then he'll be building a frame for ours.


Wendy said...

I hope 'this guy' looked a little more cheery on your anniversary! I can't believe it's been a whole year since you've been gone either! Or that Tristan is SIX!! Wow! Happy Birthday, Tristan!! And, Happy Anniversary to you and David :)

Great job on the bunk bed!

Marsha said...

I was thinking "only a year!", but I guess that is my point of view. :) Hope the birthday AND anniversary went well.

Courtney said...

I know, Marsha. In retrospect with all that has happened, it could easily feel like longer.Wendy, he did look cheerier on our anniversary. That's the only expression I ever get from him for pictures! Thanks for the greetings, you two!

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