Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thanks for Serving Our Country!

What better way to start our study on World War 2 than to have the privilege of meeting and listening to an eyewitness? Arles Cole came to speak to homeschoolers about his experiences as a World War 2 and Pearl Harbor Survivor. He was such a nice man. He said that God spared his life so many times, because God’s purpose for him was to tell his story and give glory to God.

He was on the USS West Virginia in Pearl Harbor when it was bombed. He carried Doris Miller to safety (remember Cuba Gooding Jr.’s character in the movie?) after Doris was knocked unconscious when the bombing started. Mr. Arles went on to serve on other ships in eight more engagements before the war was over.

We used to live in Pearl Harbor housing when David was in the Marine Corps and I’ve been to the Arizona Memorial. It is quite a sobering thing to see. And now to be able to meet someone who was actually there and bring a personal aspect to the story is just such a neat thing to me. Honestly, I wouldn’t have been this excited to meet a Hollywood star.

“Showing Our Colors” is the book he wrote to share his story. He didn’t bring any of his books with him, but I ordered one from him and can’t wait to read it.

Mr. Cole's story and video can be seen here.

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usmc1993kayla said...

That is so awesome! I love WWII. Loved the "remember Cuba Gooding Jr.'s character?" :) That was an awesome movie....ya'll are so lucky!

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