Tuesday, April 5, 2011


We followed the Iditarod this year-it was last month and I’m just now blogging about it. Yeah, remember like two years ago we were planning on following it and then one thing after another happened and we never got to it. But now the kids are looking forward to following it every year.
The kids each chose a musher to follow and chart their race....

I chose Dee Dee Jonrowe, but Bethany’s person scratched so I let her take over following her—12th place
Brittany chose Ramey Smith—2nd Place finisher!
Tyler chose Ken Anderson –11th place
Timothy chose Peter Kaiser—8th place
Brooke chose Christi Berrington-- 29th place
Tristan chose Lance Mackey—16th place

We made dog booties…………….

(This is the best picture I could get. Does that tell you anything?)

And a celebration dinner of “Sled Dogs”, “McGrath-aroni and Cheese”, and “Idita-rods”…………….

And what better way to finish out a study of the Iditarod than to meet Gary Paulson, two time Iditarod racer and author of “Woodsong”. He came to our library to accept a Sequoyah Literary award. He spoke a little about his life and adventures and took some questions. I took all the kids and believe it or not, the little kids sat quietly for the hour he and another author were speaking. Now, granted at some point I did have to bring out the cocoa puffs and Travis only screamed once, so overall it was a success. And it only took another hour and 45 minutes of waiting in line to get his signature. By that point Brittany took some of the kids out to the van, then I had to go out to the van to settle them down, so only Bethany, Timothy and Brooke got to actually talk to him.


Wendy said...

Very cool!! I'm glad you got to follow it. And to meet Gary Paulson - awesome!!

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