Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Resurrection Day!

It was not ideal Easter weather this weekend. It has been raining since I think Friday. So, we had to do the church Easter egg hunt in the gym. But the kids still found plenty of candy filled eggs. I think they probably brought home around 150. You know that was enough candy to last the ride home at least.

An Easter Coma

We did a special Passover celebration this week. I had put together a unit study to do last year, but with the move we weren’t able to get to it, so I saved it for this year. I had planned to take pictures and have this linky post with all the stuff I used, but I don’t even remember where half the stuff came from, my disk that I saved the printables on is BROKEN and I didn’t take a single picture. Nothing ever happens the way you plan.

I had downloaded a special Haggadah to read for the celebration and there were parts in Hebrew that the father would read and everyone would recite. So, David read the passage and when we are reciting, for some reason my words come out ending with “Aloha”.

David says, “Aloha?”

Clearly I need a vacation.

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