Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Conferences and Paper Chickens

Well, my expression in this picture does NOT sum up what I thought about the conference on Saturday, Ha!

Apparently I was interested in whatever was happening on the stage. (I think they were doing the giveaways.) So, I stole Mrs. Rita's photo off Facebook, since I didn't take any pictures myself.

And, my belly! Good grief!

It was a fun time. There was a GREAT dinner on Friday night. The speakers were a little too "charismatic-y", which isn't surprising here in Oklahoma, but it is a little surprising given it was a Free Will Baptist Conference. David and I are not Free Will Baptists, but God has led us to this church for a reason.

Sunday I stayed home with three kids who had pink eye. I must have had some burst of energy because I had David go rent me a steam cleaner and I cleaned the carpets, cleaned out my closet, my bedroom, mopped all the floors and generally got everything in order. I'm sure it had absolutely nothing to do with being pregnant, since I had an emotional breakdown beforehand about the house being "so filthy".

Anyway, Monday night Brittany, Bethany, Brooke and I went to an Origami Owl party. I ended up getting a locket with charms for myself and a necklace for Bethany and Brooke. Brittany bought herself a necklace.

Origami owl selfie

I'm justifying it as a mother's day/birthday gift, and birthday gifts for the girls. It is Brooke's birthday tomorrow.

The Origami Owl representative has a "paper chicken" email. Someone asked her once what that stuff she sells is? The "Paper Chicken"? Funny.


Marsha said...

Yes, the necklaces should count as birthday presents for all! lol That is just too funny because Chloe was telling me today, on the home from the library, that tomorrow is Brooke's birthday. :) Funny what all they remember from so far back!

Sounds like all of you had fun and there should be a great deal more fun in your house tomorrow. Enjoy it! And nap when you can. LOL

Courtney said...

Yes, nap! Fantastic idea! lol!

Wendy said...

The girls keep growing up so beautifully! I'm glad you had fun and I hope Brooke is enjoying her birthday!

Courtney said...

She did, Wendy, thank you!

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