Friday, April 11, 2014

Finances on Friday!

So, it's Friday and you know what that means...............I'm linking up with Rebecca at Renaissance for Finances on Friday!

This, friends, was a stellar week for saving money.

  • First of all, remember that conference I forgot to register for a few weeks ago? Well, I was really disappointed that I wasn't going. It turns out that another lady had bought a ticket and wasn't going to be able to go and she offered it to me! So, I'm going after all! I'm really excited. There are six of us going from church. It was an option to stay overnight, but no one wanted to, and it's only ten minutes away. I'm really looking forward to the encouragement and refreshment!
  • One of my favorite coupon sites, Hip 2 Save, had posted a deal about laundry soap being on sale at Sears. I had bought this same soap last year when Kmart had it on sale. I really like making my own soap, but especially in the summer when I do a lot of brights and whites, I notice they get a little "grayish" after a while. So, if there's a good deal I'll get some store bought soap and just use it on those loads. Well, that same morning I got an email with a Shop Your Way reward for Sears for $7 off a $20 purchase. I also had a some bonus points from when I bought my purse and the kids shoes a few weeks ago. All in all, I got two HUGE boxes (180 loads each) of detergent for $9.72!! I picked it up in store at the mall about 5 miles away.
  • I also made a batch of laundry soap this week, so I should be set to do lots of laundry! (yippee...)
  • I've had my eye on a pack of onesies at Target that are gray and yellow. I'm doing gray and yellow with owls for this baby. We never find out the gender beforehand and this is really gender neutral. I stopped into Target for something else, and they had those onesies on sale for a dollar and five cents off so I went ahead and got them so baby has something to wear in/at home from the hospital.
  • And, now for my awesome deal of the week........ Babies R Us is discontinuing their maternity line in June and had ALL of their maternity and nursing wear marked down to FIVE DOLLARS A PIECE!!!! I almost always wear used maternity clothes that I get at thrift, garage sales or consignment sales and I will wear it until it is not fit to be worn. I just always hate spending money on clothes for myself, but this was too good to pass up. I got a denim jacket, pants, capris, 2 dresses, maternity shirts, nursing shirts, nursing tanks and bras, and even some nursing jammies so I will look cute when I'm at the hospital! This was such a blessing! I think I probably got about thirty things and spend less then I would have on ONE regular outfit from a maternity store. I've got about nine or ten weeks left, and I know I'll still be wearing those pants for a little while after, too.

So, here I am in my new outfit heading out to the conference.

Don't forget to link up over at Renaissance and share your financial ideas and efforts this week!


Terri said...

Don't you look cute!!! And yes, that is an awesome deal. :-)

Rebecca said...

Look at you! How beautiful and such a lovely belly. I want to rub it. (I know, pregnant people usually don't LIKE that, but I want to anyway.) It's been too long since I had a belly to rub myself.

As for the clothes~ way to go! That is WONDERFUL!

As for the conference- isn't it so amazing how God works all things out and blesses us so abundantly. I always find that God exceeds my own expectations and when He gives these good, unexpected gifts- it reminds me that He is thinking of ME, individually and of the things that matter to me. Small reminders. Congrats!

Courtney said...

Aww thanks! Y'all are too sweet!

Marsha said...

Maternity clothes are too expensive! I'm glad you had the chance to splurge on yourself for a change.

Chloe LOVES owls, so I know she'll be excited to hear about the new onsies. We are currently shopping for a friend and a family member for baby things. We'll have to see what Target has going on. lol

I'm glad you made your conference.

Courtney said...

That's neat that Chloe loves owls, too! There so cute with their big eyes. I used to collect rabbits long ago, since I was a kid, but they have all since been broken, by small people, so I figured I would start over with something new.

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