Friday, April 18, 2014

Finances on Good Friday!

Happy Good Friday!! I know the image of Jesus on the cross doesn't conjure up "happy" images, but what we will celebrate on Sunday will! If today hadn't happened, then the Resurrection couldn't happen. And that, Friends, does make me happy!

And, I'm also linking up again at Renaissance to share what frugal efforts I made this week......

  • I filled my gas tank up at Sam's and saved 4 cents a gallon. 
  • David did me a big favor and cut the boys hair today. Although, we did have to buy a new pair of clippers, the money saved from four boys' haircuts has already paid for that.
  • Last week, I think I forgot to mention that I had my sister in law help me color my hair and she also gave me a trim. Total cost- $12 for the color.
  • I downloaded the ebook version of our book club book for this month to read on Kindle on my laptop-saved around $8-9.
  • Found my 13 year old a pair of name brand shoes online with a coupon code. Original price was around $60 plus shipping. My cost: $23 shipped!
  • Sold two more books on Currclick!
  • I have $3 in Shop Your Way points that showed up in my email to use by Wednesday. Last summer I got about an email every week with $3 in points for any purchase. I would go into Kmart and buy dish soap with it. I didn't have to pay for dish soap almost all summer, lol!
Don't forget to link up over at Renaissance and share your frugal ventures for the week!

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

It's almost laughable reading everyone's posts because they all include cutting hair. I guess we all had the same ideas! Great minds think alike, no?

Hope your Easter was happy!

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