Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Just a post other than finances on friday...........

Well, this weekend I was worn out. I have been on a push to get homeschooling finished because I always like to be done by the end of May anyway, but especially this year because I'm due with the baby in the middle of June, and I want to get some other things done before then.

And, on Friday night we helped set up for the big youth yard/bake/carwash sale to raise money for their summer missions trip they always go on. This year they are headed to Tennessee to help do some grounds upkeep for a camp there that also has a home for troubled youth. Guess how much they raised......$3000!

Saturday morning I took the younger kids around to some yard sales with me, since the older five were helping with the youth sale. By 10:30 I had to come home and take a nap. (I'll post my "finds" another time.)

Then, Sunday morning I was in the nursery all morning. By Sunday afternoon I had NO energy. AT ALL.

I think partly because of how busy the weekend was, but also partly because I was fighting off some sort of sickness that left David with severe bronchitis last week. I never get bronchitis, but I could tell it was some sort of cold. I think the no energy was a product of that. But, by Tuesday morning I felt a lot better.

The pregnancy is going well so far. I had an appointment last week and everything is just perfect. I'm so thankful. Except for the fact that this baby is so low I can barely walk.

So, I was telling David that I think this is a boy because of how low it is, how unmotivated to do anything I am, and the heart rate has been 142. He was like, "Yeeeahhh....that sounds like a boy?" lol! I guess we'll see.........

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