Monday, May 12, 2014

Well, nothing says Happy Mother's Day like cleaning up from a puke fest.

For about the last five days or so everyone has slowly succumbed to some sort of stomach bug. Yesterday I had to stay home with most of the kids. David was going to go, but he felt bad, too, so Brittany just ended up taking Timothy, Bethany and Brooke to church.

David had grilled out steaks for us on Saturday (per my request-he makes a delicious grilled steak with garlic butter) and hot dogs for the kids (who would rather have hot dogs than steak). He went ahead and grilled up some hamburgers, too, that I put away for Sunday so I wouldn't have to cook.

Bethany and Brooke made coupon books for me, and Brooke had found a cute owl and teddy bear at the yard sale last week that she gave to me early because she couldn't stand to wait until yesterday. Very sweet.

Thomas wasn't feeling well at all, but after he realized it was mother's day, he made me the cutest little home made card.

David had slept late and was feeling good enough to take care of the kids while Brittany and I went out and did a little shopping. I literally shopped til I about dropped. I didn't buy much, it was just the walking. This baby is making it difficult.

So, except for the fact that the family didn't feel well, I still had a good day.


Wendy said...

I hope everyone is on the mend by now!

Marsha said...

I'm glad you had a good day and I really hope everyone is MUCH better. :)

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