Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Musings

Overheard in the Sanchez home...............

Do your schoolwork!

I'm done! (Yelled from the potty.)

Get your chores done!

No, we don't speak spanish. (After the millionth phone call from companies trying to reach the "Hispanic community")

_______ bit/kicked/punched/hit me.

Where is the other shoe?

Your shirt is on backwards.

Did you brush your teeth?

No, you can't play on the computer right now.

Yes, you can watch PBS kids.

No, school is not over.

Be kind.

What do you mean the toilet is clogged?!

What's for breakfast/lunch/dinner?

I don't like green beans.

You don't have to like it, you just have to eat it.

Hello? No, I would not like to donate any money to the police/fireman/cancer/college/poltical/save the tree fund.

This needs new batteries.

Can I have a cracker?

I want juice!

Why is the floor so sticky?

Why did you change clothes again?

Where is the phone?

Do not whack your brother with a hatchet/sword/light saber.

Please bring me a diaper and wipes.

How did God build all the houses?

Vroooommm. (While pushing a plane/train/automobile)

Okay, I'll be Lana and let's pretend we borrowed our grandfather's car and we drive to the store and this can be your purse and this will be my baby and ...............

Can we go outside?

I can't find my scissors/glue stick/crayons/pencils.

Oh no! Was that a library book!

Go back to the table to eat that.

What day is it today?

Let's play Legos.

Thomas is eating a lego.

I love you, Mom.


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