Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Musings: A week in review

I was planning to post a Happy Birthday to Tyler last Monday, but before I knew it, it's already almost a week later. Tyler turned 12 and ended our birthday-o-rama. We get a small reprieve until my birthday at the end of June, and Brittany's and Timothy's in July and August. Although, we don't usually do much for my birthday. Celebrating your own birthday isn't as much fun when you are older. Especially when you have kids and you enjoy celebrating their birthdays instead. And especially when every birthday brings more wrinkles and gray hair. :)

Tyler got some birthday money from his Granny and Grandad, so of course, he bought books. This boy is always reading. Our friends invited us over for dinner that night and gave Tyler a Redwall book he didn't have.

Can you see the happiness?

The rest of the week brought on grocery shopping, bible study, park day with friends, another birthday party, a sleepover, and homeschool. We need to get done by the end of May so that I don't go insane can get some planning done for the next year. I also had an ingrown eyelash that was poking me in the eye for three days and made my eye water. Oh, and my husband is STILL gone, but will hopefully return by Wednesday. It has apparently been a long time for Tristan because he told his Dad on the phone, "We have a new baby named Bailey."

Yes, buddy, he knows. :)

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