Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Baby Update!

Well, I haven't posted until now because there really wasn't much to update. I had really wanted to see the midwives here this time around, but they don't take my insurance. So, the ONLY doctor I can see that can do a vbac and takes my insurance is the same doctor I saw the last two months of my pregnancy with Brennan after I had to switch doctors (from the doctor I saw with Travis because the hospitals he delivered in had just opted to stop allowing vbacs).

So, that's fine. I called the first week in December when I was about 15 weeks and they couldn't get me in until TODAY. So, I'm about 22 weeks now with a due date of May 25. That will make this baby and Brennan about 21 months apart. Average. The doctor asked me if this pregnancy was planned. I said, "Well, I guess getting pregnant at least every other year for the last 20 years is some sort of plan." I don't know if he thought that was funny or not.

The imaging department is supposed to call me to schedule an ultrasound hopefully very soon, so I'll get a more accurate due date then. But, as we all know, I'll be late, so I'm thinking June.

He did say everything looks great so far, so I am quite relieved. It's always reassuring when you can hear the heartbeat and hear them actually say those words. I've been on the treadmill, so hopefully  my blood pressure and sugar will remain under control. I have to admit, I have cheated 1-2 times a week on the sugar thing. I had a cookie at church on Sunday. I need more self control. But, I did find these chocolate bars that are sweeted with Stevia at the natural grocer, so maybe that can be my sweet treat. Weight gain so far: 22 pounds. Yikes.

Well, maybe next time I'll have a picture of the belly.

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