Friday, January 24, 2014

Finances on Friday!

I'm linking up with Rebecca again over at Renaissance for Finances on Friday!

I've been frugal for so long that some things are just second nature to me (like rinsing out the hair conditioner bottle three times to get the last little bit out, or using the ends of the bread loaves for crumbs for meatloaf) so I have to think of things that I really did intentionally.

I didn't do a lot this week outside of what I normally do, I guess since I had doctor's appointments this week amongst other things. And our dryer died. Boo.

However, I did file our taxes myself online today. I used Taxact and it cost me $17.99 to file both state and federal. We used to think we had to pay someone to do our taxes because it was too complicated-I mean it is taxes-but I started filing my own a few years ago and it is so easy.

Anyway, I thought I would put down a few financial goals for the next few months.

-Use some of said tax refund to buy some badly, BADLY needed chairs for our table. (So that we can actually all sit at the table together at the same time.)

-Replenish emergency fund- I'm not totally anti-Dave Ramsey :)

-Go through hand me down totes in the garage and hit the consigment sale next month for clothing for the youngest seven kids for summer and some things I know I need for the new baby. I'll also need a few maternity tshirts since I'm looking at pregnancy almost through June.

-Also use the tax refund for some needed repairs to David's van

-Use the 9.99 haircut coupon I got in the mail. (We are getting into desperate times here in the hair department. Maybe I'll get a coupon for some hair color, too............)

-Put together four budget birthday parties in the next six weeks.

-Continue praying that God will bring about the perfect house in the perfect location with the perfect amount of land for the perfect price in just His perfect timing!

I really would like to put together a more precise financial goals list, but we are sort of in limbo. We are wanting to buy a house with at least ten acres of land, but for the amount of land and price we just aren't finding anything we are crazy about. Hence, praying for God's perfect timing! And, then not knowing what we may need for closing, etc. we are just trying to keep as much money in reserve as possible, and make that our main priority at this point.

So..............head on over to Renaissance to see what ideas others had this week!


Kimberly said...

Hey there! I am sad to say I never thought about using the ends of the bread loaf for meatloaf. That is a fantastic idea! Thank you!

Rebecca said...

Finances on Friday can be difficult for those of us who've done 'frugal' for so long it becomes part of who we are.

I am hoping to get our taxes done this week...ours are a wee bit more difficult because we pay interest to FOUR people (Matt's relatives) which is really confusing. But I am going to try for it. (I used to do it before we moved to Hopestead.)

Be encouraged on the house hunt. The Lord will provide just exactly what you need when you least expect it. My husband dreamed big dreams about owning lots of land which were ridiculous given the amount of money my husband makes and the prices of land. Nevertheless, the Lord opened up a door and gave us (my husband especially) even more than he could have imagined. One thing we had to do was look past the 'problems' (there were many) and plan to do a lot of the work ourselves. It isn't the ideal home, let me tell you (one bathroom, for starters. original electrical work. no insulation. all terrible windows. broken foundation. I'D BETTER STOP NOW.) but the Lord made it clear this is where He wanted us.

I'll pray He does the same for you- sooner, rather than later! ;-)

(sorry about the book...)

Wendy said...

It sounds like you have a great plan! I wish we could think about doing our taxes but I don't think either of our employers have sent out our tax info - whatever form that is!

Courtney said...

Thanks, everyone! Rebecca, we are practicing our patience over here, lol! I know God has a place for us out there somewhere. And, it would be nice for Him to let us know about it sooner than later....
Wendy! You're still alive! Yippee! ;) Hi to the boys!!

Rhonda said...

thanks for the info on your taxes, I do ours online too with either turbotax or taxact
But I didn't know the IRS was accepting returns yet. I will get to that.

best wishes on finding your new home and your pregnancy

Courtney said...

Thanks, Rhonda! I had also "heard" that the IRS was backed up because of Obamacare. I don't know how much truth is in that but I hope it doesn't affect the timing of our refunds.

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