Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus.............

Two Sundays ago Bethany and Brooke recited the books of the Bible in front of the entire church. But, that's not all. They recited them backwards as well!

They did a fabulous job! They also recited Psalm 23 in front of the church a couple of months ago. The children's pastor challenged them to do the memorizing for Awana and since they already knew the books forward, challenged them to do them backwards, as well. Our church started the Awana program this year and it's been great! The youngest six kids (minus Brennan) are involved and I am a Cubbie leader. David and I were leaders about 12 years ago, but we hadn't been at a church that offered it until now, and we were so excited when our church announced that we were going to start.
If you don't know anything about AWANA, check it out here!

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