Monday, June 15, 2009

Thrifty Finds

All of you decorating gals will have to bear with me this week. No cute little trinkets or interesting pieces, (with five of the 8 kids all aged seven and under it would just get BROKEN anyway!) but I had great success at the used homeschool curriculum sale on Saturday-still in the realm of thrifty. Go and visit Rhoda over at Southern Hospitality and find out what everyone else found this weekend.

Four teacher's editions at $2 apiece. (Regular price is $12-13 each) I need one more teacher edition and the student workbooks for next year.

This is a $20 book. I didn't even think I'd find one, but I did-and only paid $4!

Some goodies for our 1800's American History studies for next year. All totaled maybe $15.

I've been eyeing these Lynne Cheney books for over a year now at Books a Million. I found them for $5 each. (Well, actually she wanted $8 for one, but I talked her into $5.) They are regular $17. They were in brand new condition.

Some Brian Jacques for Tyler's collection. Total $3

Some Royal Diaries for Brittany's collection. She's very interested in historical royal families and Queen Elizabeth 1 is her absolute favorite. She didn't have that one, and I told her I'd look, but didn't really think I'd find it. But, again, I did! And, for $2 each!

Some American Girl Felicity for Bethany and Brooke's colonial studies we were doing this year.
$2 for all three books.

Some extra little odds and ends books for next year- maybe totaled $3.

I wasn't planning on using this next year, but I'd had my eye on this Beautiful Feet study on the Holling C. Holling books for a few years. I had to go ahead and get it for $2.

And, one of my best scores was all FIVE book/DVD sets of MathUSee plus two sets of starter blocks and one completer set for what it would have cost me for just two of the sets at cost! I'll only have to buy one $25 student workbook and the fraction overlays. Whooohooo!

I had also found a $15 Abeka biology for Brittany and then a lady had bits and pieces of hers (the exact same biology) and she gave me hers for free.
So....I'm almost all set for next year. I just need a microscope, One Year Adventure Novel, those few student workbooks for math and spelling and that's almost it!


Wendy said...

Ugh!! I knew I wanted to go there! I'm glad you found some great finds!!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

The beauty of yardsales is that we might all be looking for different things, BUT the deals are out there for all of us. I love that, you really scored on your homeschool material.

~~Carol~~ said...

You found alot of great books, and I LOVE that picture of the kids in your header--too cute!

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

Sometimes a girl has got to do what a girl needs to do. These will make a big difference for your kids. Happy Thrifty Monday.

Mrs. Darling said...

Wow girl you really got some good deals! I was thinking I might have one of those spelling book unused I could send you but when I checked it wasnt there. Must have used it myself somewhere along the line. I tutor so almost every book I buy gets used up somewhere even if my kids dont use it!

Good catch for the day!!:)

Marsha said...

You found some great stuff. I wish I could have gone. Oh, well. The American girl books looked awesome. I've been trying to get Jesse to read them, but to no avail so far.

Good luck with the microscope!

Kathleen said...

Wow! What GREAT book finds!!

Anonymous said...

Wow you have much better thrifts than I do here.

I can't believe you found that BF guide there. It is on my list too, in a couple years.

Me & My House said...

Wow, what great homeschooling finds. Thanks for stopping by the blog and how funny that I am from Guntersville and you are from Anniston! Love it! Small world,small that you homeschool too. Thinking about it for my son, perhaps you can give advice on making a decision. Thanks, again!

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