Saturday, June 27, 2009

I had meant to post earlier in the week, but now suddenly it's Saturday and I'm only just getting to it.

This has been a full week. Well, really my weeks are normally full, but this was extra stuff other than the typical laundry, cooking, cleaning, nursing, diaper changing, dish washing, juice pouring, book reading, problem solving, refereeing and boo boo kissing.

In addition to all that wonderful stuff, it was also my birthday, David took me out to lunch,I had a terrible cold, I sat on and broke my glasses, went to a free family movie, created a ministry blog, bought groceries, went to bible study, went to small group, filled up the kiddie pool three times, helped my husband prepare for two interviews, went to four thrift stores, got Brittany's biology lessons planned and made beans and sausage to take to a cookout for friends who have been out of the country for three years.

I did get my glasses fixed, I am feeling better, Kitt Kittridge-American Girl was a cute movie, David's two job interviews were for insurance sales 100% commission :(, we did find some thrifty stuff that I will show you in my next post, and someone gave me a microscope for Brittany. Yah!

And....on my birthday I woke up to chocolate strawberries for breakfast from Tyler, Brittany had made me these cute bracelets and earrings, and my friend Denise gave me this cute red necklace.

Hopefully next week will be more calm, except for the normal stuff like, you know, Thomas burning holes in the carpet or something like that.


marsha said...

It sounds like a good birthday, just crazier than usual. I'm glad it went well. I love the jewelry, can't wait to see them on you!

Kathleen said...

Wishing you a happy, HAPPY birthday! Even though it sounds like it was a bit of a tough week, it also sounds like you are well loved and were especially cared for on your birthday! May the first week of your next year be SLOWER and easier! :-)

Mary @Boogieboard Cottage said...

Wow, I wish someone would give me chocolate strawberries for breakfast!
And you made out like a bandit with all of the adorable jewelry. You have a really nice looking family and it sounds like you found some great bargains. :O) I hope you and your family have a great 4th!

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