Friday, February 7, 2014

Finances on Friday!

I'm joining Rebecca over at Renaissance for another Finances on Friday post!

Here is what went right this week:

-Used a coupon for a free order of chips and queso at the mexican fast food place down the street.

-Signed up for Google Ads. We'll see how it works out!

-Gave the kids haircuts. I cut all the boys' hair except Tyler. I don't know if he wants a shaggy look or he doesn't trust me.  I am NO EXPERT. And, I hope no one else notices that either. Their hair actually did turn out decently. Decently. I cut Bailey's (4) and Brooke's (10) hair, also, and might have gotten a little scissor happy, since around three inches came off instead of one. But, it turned out really cute in both cases. I have cut the girls' hair in the past, and David used to cut the boys, then when we moved here and my sister in law started cutting it. But, instead I decided to start taking matters into my own hands and this is probably the third time I've cut the boys' hair.

-A very kind man from church always looks out for us and on Sunday gave us a box with apples, oranges, some individual cereal boxes and some french toast slices leftover from a co-op at his workplace.

-The cashier at the shoe store looked up a coupon code today and saved me $7 off of $50 shoes for my son since I had a store rewards card. (THANK you nice cashier guy!)

-Stretched two random cans of soup into feeding all the kids for dinner. I put the two cans in the crock pot, added a few chicken breasts and some chicken stock from the fridge and a loaf of french bread-$1.18 from the discount bread rack at Walmart.

And, this is what went wrong this week:

-Had to spend $20 on another white button down shirt for my son for work since somehow a pen got into the laundry.

-Burned up a half tank of gas in two days doing errands. (I have a 15 passenger van with a very big, expensive gas tank.)

-Bought lunch while out doing those errands. (with nary a coupon! Shocking, I know.)

-The lemon pound cake I made for a fundraiser at church met it's demise before making it to church.  Let's just say it involved a vehicle, and sliding on ice.

Link up over at Renaissance and let us know what you did that was frugal, or not so frugal, this week!


Rebecca said...

Hey! What I appreciate about your posts is that you include your successes AND your a complete picture.

Way to go this week! Haircutting day is SO FUN! (not.) ;-)

Courtney said...

Thanks Rebecca! Just keepin' it real-lol!

Rhonda said...

I'm glad you signed up for Adsense but I don't see the ads here, did you click to box to show them on your blog?
I will keep checking back and will click on them when I see them,

Courtney said...

Rhonda, Google emailed me that they would have to approve my blog to host the ads first, and then they will put them on there-upon approval. I don't know how long that's supposed to take?

Rhonda said...

Hmm, I don't know. They change the rules often. I'll keep checking

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