Friday, February 28, 2014

Finances on Friday!

Well, I had intended to do several posts this week, because we had a lot of things going on that I wanted to post about, but then the seven youngest kids started throwing up and I kept forgetting to get Brittany's camera back from her to download the pictures from the week, so here we are and now it's already Friday.

But, that's okay, because it's time for Finances on Friday! And, I can do a recap post tomorrow. Or Monday.

So, Tuesday was our 19th wedding anniversary. David really wanted a steak, but all the steakhouses had sent out email coupons for Valentine's which have already expired, so we ate steak anyway.

Without a coupon.

But, we were still frugal, because afterwards we went to the dollar theater to see Captain Phillips. It was 50 cent Tuesday and I also had a coupon for a free large popcorn with the purchase of two drinks. So, all was not lost.

However, I did have to close my eyes for over half the movie, because of motion sickness. I can usually handle the dollar theater, but maybe it was the fact that the movie took place on water and it was one of those movies where the camera is very "jerky". We went to a movie last summer at the newly renovated theater with the red leather recliners and I had to close my eyes the entire movie. I guess I paid for a ten dollar nap. At least the chairs were comfy.

Anyway, here are a few more frugal efforts this week.................

  • A piece broke on the kids' humidifier and the replacement part on their website was going to cost $25 plus shipping, but I called the company and was able to get the part shipped for only $12 total!
  • The natural grocer sends out coupons for free products about every other week or so. This week is for a free pound of butter. I'll be heading out tomorrow to pick that up.
  • I finished up the clothes and dropped them off for the consignment sale. I needed more wire hangers, so I stopped into the local cleaners and they generously gave them to me for free! I also got on the "preferred consignors" list so I only had to do inspection on the shoes, not the clothes and nothing was rejected. It saves so much more time in the long run, and makes more money, to make sure things are in tip top shape.
  • Bethany and Brooke like to bake and they found a recipe for some quick pizza out of the kids' cookbook. So, they made pizza crust and chocolate cupcakes with frosting from scratch for dinner last night. The cost was minimal- only the mozzerella, sauce and pepperoni were not from scratch, so total maybe five dollars was spent to feed 8 of us. And it was GOOD! The older two kids were out for the evening and David is eating low carb right now, so I heated up some leftover chicken and beans and low carb tortillas (which he'd rather have anyway.) And, for some husband bragging-he's lost 12 pounds in two weeks! Very proud of him!
  • Found some cuts of meat reduced for quick sale at Sam's, so I grabbed several packs for the freezer.

And, where things weren't so frugal........
  • Our local grocery store had bone in chicken breast on sale, and I dillied and I dallied and by the time I got there, they were sold out. UUUHHHHGGG! And, my son even works there! I should have given him money and just had him pick some up, but oh well. This week they have pork chops on sale for very cheap so I'm going to make sure I get some of those.
  • Our propane bill has doubled this winter. I'm sure that's true for more than just us. I know the cost has just skyrocketed and this has been such a cold winter, but goodness.
  • You know sometimes "cheap" is not frugal. I had bought two cheap hand crank can openers in the past six months that were probably about $4 a piece. Both lasted maybe two months and just stopped opening cans. So, I would have to haul out a pair of pliers just to get into the can. Well last week David bought me a $15 can opener and I know that thing will last a long time. It's sturdy and works like a charm. So, $8 wasted on junk that doesn't work. That's one thing I love about my husband. I usually like to get the $4 junk, because it's cheaper, but he'll get the thing that works better and lasts longer.
Don't forget to head over to Renaissance and share your frugal story!


Terri Cheney said...

Oh yes on the can openers! I was trying to think how old mine is now and honestly? I can't remember how old it is! I would guess around 12 years old. My mom thinks only electric ones are good but I like a good handheld sort.

Propane is up here and electricity is really up. We're paying summertime air conditioning costs for winter time heat pump! I am wearing more sweaters and socks and keeping the heat pump set at around 60F. I'll save my money to stay cool in the summer!

Terri said...

I find it's getting harder and harder to find meat that is on sale at a price that I actually can afford! It's crazy and one of the reasons I started trying to do meatless meals at least 3 times a week. Loved all your money saving successes! :-)

Rebecca said...

Happy Anniversary!

Sounds like a fun date-though I get you about the sea-sickness. I remember seeing Cast Away in the theaters and almost puking. (What is up with Tom Hanks and sea movies?!? hehehe) Matt and I watched Capt. Phillips too. The end killed me because here was this guy, seriously traumatized and this cold, business nurse asking him stupid questions (Is all this blood from the laceration on your eye? WHAT?!?!).



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