Friday, February 21, 2014

Finances on Friday!

This has been one of the busiest weeks I've had in a long time.

We had 2 dentist appointments, 2 orthodontist appointments, 1 doctor appointment, 1 ultrasound, Awana, a dinner out with my book club, a "bake and bag" teen missions fund raiser with the women's group from church, both vans had work done on two different days, a birthday party tomorrow afternoon that the kids were invited to, a play tomorrow evening, and then Tristan's birthday is on Sunday.  And, on top of it all, I've had a cold.

At least it was beautiful weather this week!

I'm afraid on the frugal front it wasn't all that interesting, but I'm still linking up with Rebecca over at Renaissance for Finances on Friday!

So, here are my few frugal endeavors for this week............

  • David found a $150 shortage on his paycheck (woohoo!)
  • The cost for repairs for both vans was way less than we had budgeted, so the remainder is going into the buying a house fund.
  • Got up early every morning to make David breakfast and a sack lunch so he wouldn't need to eat out (except on Tuesday when he was off we did get $3 6-inch chicken breast subs at Subway).
  • David used his military discount to buy a few things at Lowe's. (He was teasing me this week and said, "You have taught me to be chea....I mean, er, um "frugal".) Ha!
  • Used a discount coupon at Michael's for some card stock.
I've been busy getting some clothes ready for the huge consignment sale coming up next week. I always try to hand down something I know someone else can use, but if not, then I consign and put that money back into the clothing fund.

Here is a post I did last year about how I do clothing for all of us.

Well, one area that was not so frugal this week was my meal out with my book club at Cheesecake Factory. It was so yummy and we only do a meal out maybe once every quarter. We try and stick with a theme of the book we are reading, but this was time was just for fun. My bill with tip was $33! I could have bought food to feed the entire family for a whole day for $33. Sheesh. (But, it WAS yummy!)

So, that's about it this week. Head over to Renaissance and share your own frugal ideas!


    Rhonda said...

    Hi Courtney, my husband loves getting that military discount at Lowes. It really helps too.
    I've heard Cheesecake Factory is really good but $33 is really expensive for one! I think good cheesecake is just the best.
    Hope your cold goes away, that does make it harder for a mom to be at her best.

    Courtney said...

    That was the first time I had been there, and afterwards I was thinking that probably I could have split a meal with someone and we could have each ordered a cheesecake and then it would have been about 20 apiece. It was so much food, I was so stuffed that I couldn't even finish the cheesecake. (and I can eat a lot!)

    Rebecca said...

    Wow. By the end of that first paragraph, my head was spinning! Good for you to get through it- even when feeling less than top-notch!

    Although- a visit to cheesecake factory would 'ease the pain' a little bit. But WOW! $33 for ONE person? They better serve GOOD food! ;-)

    I would LOVE to be a part of a book club and get together. Sounds so fun! What are you reading?

    Courtney said...

    It's a book club with ladies from church, so we mainly stick to Christian books. For this two months we were reading Lis Weihl's East Salem Trilogy. Really we are more about fellowship if you know what I mean, lol. Most of our books come from the discount shelf at the local Christian bookstore. Last quarter we read an Amish book and then ate at an Amish restaurant and the quarter before that we read a series by Francine Rivers and ate German food. But, it is a lot of fun to have a reason to get together!

    Stephen T. E. Malfair said...

    You’ve been a very busy family, Courtney. It’s nice to know that you’ve been religiously scheduling your medical appointments amidst your work and frugal living. How’s your dental appointment? I hope you don’t have to worry about any dental problem. How are you now? :)

    Stephen Malfair

    Clinton Zelman said...

    I know it’s not easy to deal with hectic schedules, yet you managed to handle all of them. I can only imagine how tiring it was to have different dental and medical appointments in a short span of time. Kudos to your family, Courtney! How are you now? :)

    Clinton Zelman

    Josh Brockmann said...

    You’ve just proven that proper time management can help you accomplish more with the same amount of time! I can only imagine how hard it was to squeeze all those medical appointments in a week. Must have been quite the challenge. How are you now, Courtney?

    Josh Brockmann @ StarBrite Dental

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