Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Thomas!

Well, our birthday marathon is starting and first up is Thomas. His birthday was yesterday and he turned 7!

This is the only picture I have and I took it with my flip phone. Yes, I said flip phone. (Well, it still works and I can't bring myself to go update it. I don't need to do anything but call and text anyway.) I still don't have a camera and Brittany's camera battery wasn't charged. :(  Maybe David could get me a camera for our upcoming anniversary? Hint. HINT.
He wanted a ninja turtles theme so we just went with a few green and purple decorations and the girls made him the cutest pinata. It was a turtle face with a purple mask out of crepe paper. I took a picture of it but somehow it got lost on my phone. Anyway, it was very creative.
David and Brittany had to work, and last night was AWANA, so we waited until after that when everyone was home to have cupcakes and celebrate. Thomas got a little money as a gift and now he is BIG STUFF.
Happy Birthday, Thomas!

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